We are excited to share with our clients and our community that there are additional sessions available for people are eligible for under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) for Psychology services.

Changes to total number of Sessions

The Government has announced from October 9 2020:

Clients are eligible for an additional 10 sessions under a MHCP

That is, you may be eligible for 20 sessions in a calendar year (1 Jan to 31 Dec)

Changes are in place until 30 June 2022.

This is exciting news and we hope that it will be of great value to our clients and helps them get the help they need. We understand that for many people 10 sessions was simply not enough.

Important notes

This is for all Australians, not just Victoria as originally released

You must get a new referral to access the 10 sessions

You must have used your initial 10 sessions before seeking a re-referral

A review item does not need to be completed by the GP, a standard consultation with a referral letter is adequate. You can see the GP for a re-referral even if it has not been 3 months since they did a ‘review’ of a MHCP.

You do not require a new referral at the beginning of the calendar year (1st January) if you still have sessions available on your current referral

More Information

For further information on reviews versus referrals please see our blog https://prosperhealthcollective.com.au/mhcp-explained-medicare-rebates-and-the-new-calendar-year/

or the Department of Health Fact Sheet – Additional 10 MBS mental health sessions during COVID-19 under the Better Access Pandemic Support measure


Should you have any further questions please contact us on 6381 0071.

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