There is no doubt that working as a psychologist in private practice can be a risky decision, especially if you have been working in a comfortable salaried health department position. But private practice can offer a great deal of benefits that create significant career satisfaction and overall well being.

What are the benefits of working in private practice? 

  1. Flexibility

Working in private practice means that you are not locked into the 9 to 5 grind. You can choose the days and times that suit you.

 Not a morning person? Work the afternoon evening shift. Want to get home in time to take a yoga class? Work the morning shift. At Prosper Health Collective we offer the option of seeing clients in either the morning or the afternoon/evening, not both. This gives you the flexibility to structure your days the way you want to. It offers greater balance and integration of work and life.

2. Your ‘ideal’ client

Working in private practice can mean that you get choice on the clients you see. We all have different interests and clients that we know we work well with. Being in private practice means that you can build up a caseload of your ideal clients. The clients at give you a sense of fulfilment, that you know you get good outcomes with and that ultimately give you a greater sense of satisfaction in your work.

At Prosper we help you to develop your niche and ensure that your caseload is full of the clients that you want to see.

3. Autonomy

Working in private practice means that you are not locked into strict guidelines and regulations. Sure you still have to follow the code of ethics and so forth but it gives you greater choice in terms of the treatment modality you use, the length of time you see clients for, the location of treatment.

Clinicians at Prosper work across a range of treatment modalities and approaches. Some clinicians see clients across the lifespan, some see just adults or just children. The choice is yours but there are always opportunities for growth and change.

4. Positive Culture

With added flexibility and reduced bureaucracy and office politics, private practice can be an ideal place to work in terms of being a positive team based environment. This means less stress, more collaboration, better performance and ultimately better well being for everyone involved.

Positive workplace cultures don’t just happen, they must be fostered and nurtured. At Prosper we make opportunities to come together daily, weekly and monthly as a team in different formats. Three times a year we have a ‘Prosper day’ to build our culture and connection as a team. It’s our goal to make sure our team members flourish and thrive, not just our clients.

The benefits of working in private practice are many and varied. Ultimately the main benefit is the opportunity to shape your career in the way you want to shape it provided that the practice you join has the structure and systems in place to allow you to do this. Evaluating whether the practice you are looking at can do this is another important consideration once you have decided that the benefits of joining private practice are worth it.