Ahead of your online consultation we encourage you to read through this checklist to ensure that your appointment is of the highest quality possible. 

Before the appointment

  • Check your technology
    • Do you have good Internet access?
    • Is your device charged?
  • Prepare your environment
    • Is there a quiet, private space for you to use? Your privacy is important
    • Minimise disruptions (phone on silent, notifications off)
    • Check you have good lighting and your face can be seen easily; try sitting in front of a window
    • Think about the camera angle; we want to see your whole face. Do you need something to prop up your device? Ideally the camera would be at your eye level or slightly higher
    • Think about what is behind you – is there anything you do not want your Psychologist to see (e.g. washing hanging in the background)
  • Prepare for your appointment
    • Get a drink, Go to the toilet
    • Set an Agenda – what do you want to cover today?


A few other tips

  • Avoid the temptation to answer the door or do other tasks during your time with us
  • Imagine you are actually sitting in the room with your Psychologist


If the connection freezes

  • First turn off the video, that may reduce the bandwidth and you can talk to us as if by phone (see bottom left of the Zoom screen to do this)
  • If that fails and the screen is fully frozen, your Psychologist will phone you directly
  • If 5 minutes pass and you have not heard from your Psychologist call us on 6381 0071