The new year often provides people with a chance to reflect on the past year and motivates them to try new things, and/or try again with achieving goals set previously that got pushed aside for various reasons – it provides people with the opportunity to improve oneself to be better than yesterday.

One of our core values as a practice is better than yesterday, and our theme this month is all about improving oneself.

As a practice we are trying to be better than yesterday by striving for excellence, taking initiative, being curious, being courageous, and taking responsibility to make an impact and give the absolute best for our clients.

So, how might you be able to improve yourself and be better than yesterday?

Take initiative & strive for excellence

Start by reviewing the past year:

  • what were the challenges you faced, were you able to overcome these, are they ongoing, or did you try and avoid facing them?
  • what were the good moments and the things you are most grateful for?
  • what can you learn or take away from the journey you this past year(s)?

Reflect on ways to improve oneself:

  • creating S.M.A.R.T goals for the year
  • consider your values and how you are living by these
  • consider opportunities for you to start new habits

Strive to be best version of yourself in all areas including physical and mental health, professional, relationships, and spiritual.

Be curious & courageous

Allow yourself to be curious of different interests or ways of doing things. This may mean looking into new hobbies or finding other ways to complete tasks.

Be curious of different pathways to achieving your goals. Maybe the pathway you initially planned out is no longer doable or your goal in not able to be achieved by staying the path you are on. If this is the case, take some time to investigate other opportunities or ways to get to where you want.

Allow yourself to be courageous by taking opportunities you may have overlooked in the past or by trying something new. While the unknown can be scary, it can be a time to discover who we are and what is important to us. This may mean having the courage to say YES more, but it could equally mean having the courage to say NO and set healthy boundaries.

Take responsibility

Once you have reviewed and reflected on the past year and what is important to you, created goals, researched new opportunities, and aware of when you might say yes more and when you might say no, it is time to take responsibility.

If you have set goals for yourself, find ways to keep yourself accountable so you achieve these goals. This could mean putting your goals where you can see them (e.g., on the fridge, calendar, mirror), reviewing your them periodically and updating when necessary, and celebrate your wins!

Taking responsibility may also mean being courageous and ask for help. The Clinicians here at Prosper Health Collective are ready to help you improve yourself to be better than yesterday, all you need to do is contact us on 6381 0071.

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