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How to talk to children about death

Death and dying is not a common topic that occurs in our day-to-day conversations. It is often a difficult topic to talk about as well! Many avoid bringing up conversations about death or dying because they may be upsetting and feelings of discomfort may...

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Mental Health Awareness: When to seek help

September is Mental health Awareness month and here at Prosper Health Collective we thought it might be helpful to explore when it might be time to access psychological support. As we all know life is rarely without its challenges. However there are...

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Tips for accepting death

Thoughts about death can be scary. These thoughts can create a sense of powerlessness, meaninglessness and loneliness in us. It is normal and natural for us to think about death, after all it is a part of life. But such thoughts can create a great sense of...

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Helping Children to Understand Death – Book Review

Books to read with children about death….There are many, many books for children about the topic of death and grief.  Here is a brief list of books that address issues in a more general way.  Don’t want to buy more books?  Then check-out your local library...

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