What to do when your brain gets stuck by Dawn Huebner is a fantastic self-help book for children who are suffering with OCD. It uses cognitive behavioural techniques to map out OCD and help kids to overcome it.

The book is an interactive and fun way for children to learn and understand how their OCD works, to recognise it’s symptoms and most importantly to respond to its tricks in an appropriate way.

It is recommended for children age 6 -12 years.

The book is based on the principles of exposure and response prevention (EX/RP), the gold standard treatment for OCD. EX/RP is based on the idea that children need to understand that they do not need to neutralise an OCD thought/urge by completing a ritual.

What to do when you brain gets stuck walks children through the process of EX/RP and in the process shows them how to render OCD powerless.

The book can be used alone or in combination with a Psychologist. At Prosper Health Collective we regularly recommend this book as an adjunct to the work we do with children suffering from OCD.

If OCD is caught early and is not intruding on many areas of a child’s life, then this book may well be enough to help. But if not, reach out to us at the practice to find out more for OCD treatments in children.