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Speech Pathology

At Prosper Health Collective we know that people often learn best when they are enjoying what they are doing and having fun. Having fun makes the difficult tasks seem less demanding and challenging.

For this reason a lot of our Speech Pathology intervention with children is completed within play activities. We provide an engaging but evidence based treatment approach to help children achieve their goals. We tailor our treatments to meet the needs of your child.

Treatment Approaches

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology assists in the identification and treatment of communication and mealtime disorders. This includes difficulties with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social interactions, swallowing food and/or drink, and participating in mealtimes. There are many conditions that result in an individual having communication and/or mealtime difficulties, including developmental delays, brain injuries, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, hearing loss, as well as other problems that affect speech, language, and swallowing.


With children it is important to identify the concern early, engage with a professional that listens and partners you in your child and family journey, and offers you interventions that are best for your child’s challenges. Therapy is about a partnership between child, family, and therapist, and will involve therapy as well as home strategies and practise to improve your child’s skills.


Play based interventions assist the child to relax and be receptive to the direction of the Speech Pathologist and caregiver to adjust their behaviours and thinking in order to improve their skills within the challenging area.


Specific training can be undertaken to develop specific treatment approaches that have additional evidence and/or structure to support goal achievement. Your Speech Pathologist will assist in the selection and development of an intervention approach and style that will work best for your child’s goals or areas of development.

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