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Mentoring and Clinical Supervision
Shaun Swarbrick

Accessing a mentor for your professional development is a cornerstone strategy of lifelong learning and clinical best practice.
Having a colleague to seek clarification from, seek guidance, ask questions, or to support you in decision making around career and clinical development is an invaluable resource to draw upon in your professional journey.
Shaun Swarbrick has been a Speech Pathologist for 20 years and can provide support in many different areas of your career development.

Mentoring, Coaching and Clinical Supervision

Shaun Swarbrick

Areas Shaun can nurture, foster and offer guidance within your speech pathology practice include:


• Paediatric clinical services – particularly speech sound disorders, language delays, social/emotional challenges
• Behaviour management
• Integrating undergraduate students into your service
• Disability therapy services
• Family coaching and goal setting
• Having difficult conversations with clients or team members
• Establishing your own clinical service
• Using/utilising allied health assistants
• Finding the balance – taking care of yourself and your personal/professional wellbeing
• Service Design
• Waitlist management
• Practice process development and design
• Working with teams
• Supervision and coaching


Supervision can be designed to meet your specific needs or goals.


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