Social Media Policy


Prosper Health Collective do not accept friend or contact requests from current or former patients on any social networking site (Facebook, Linkedln, etc). We believe that adding patients as friends or contacts on these sites can compromise your confidentiality and our respective privacy. It may also blur the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship.


Prosper Health Collective operate numerous social media accounts. You are welcome to like or follow us on these accounts. However we recommend you consider your own confidentiality in doing so.  Whilst we appreciate feedback on Social Media, Psychologists are prohibited from using testimonials in their advertising. As such we are required to delete all posts from clients.


Prosper Health Collective do not as part of their regular practice search for clients on search engines. If we need to do so for any particular reason we will communicate this with you.


You may find Prosper Health Collective on sites such as Yelp, Healthgrades, Yahoo Local, Bing, Good Therapy, or other places which list businesses. Some of these sites include forums in which users rate their providers and add reviews. Many of these sites comb search engines for business listings and automatically add listings regardless of whether the business has added itself to the site. If you should find our listing on any of these sites, please know that the listing is NOT a request for a testimonial, rating, or endorsement from you as a client of Prosper Health Collective. Should you choose to express you views or leave a testimonial on these sites, please consider your own confidentiality. Prosper Health Collective are always welcome to receiving comments, feedback, compliments and complaints. Please consider sending these to us directly.


If you use location-based services on your mobile phone, you may wish to be aware of the privacy issues related to using these services. I do not place my practice as a check-in location on various sites such as Foursquare, Swarm, Yelp, Gowalla, Loopt, etc. Google or Apple Maps may show my practice address as I use them occasionally to ethically advertise my services. However, if you have GPS tracking enabled on your device, it is possible that others may surmise that you are a therapy client due to regular check-ins at my office on a weekly basis. Please be aware of this risk if you are intentionally “checking in,” from my office or if you have a passive LBS app enabled on your phone.


Please be aware that email is not a completely secure or confidential form of communication. If you choose to communicate with us by email, be aware that all emails are retained in the logs of your and our Internet service providers. While it is unlikely that someone will be looking at these logs, they are, in theory, available to be read by the system administrator(s) of the Internet service provider. You should also know that any emails received from you and any responses that we send to you become a part of your legal record.


Prosper Health Collective operate a monthly newsletter that is distributed by email. We will seek you permission to use your email address to distribute this email. Your consent may be withdrawn at any time by notifying us at Your details are confidential and we do not release your email address to third party providers.