Ms Jenna Trainor



Ms Jenna Trainor

My name is Jenna and I am a Clinical Psychologist at Prosper Health Collective. I have always had a desire to assist and support people through difficult circumstances or periods of their life.

I love my job and am very passionate about the field of mental health. I have a deep appreciation for life and strive to have a genuine connection with my clients and their families as I know that this assists people in getting the best outcomes from treatment. I feel that being genuine and friendly is a key to making people feel relaxed and at ease when attending psychological treatment and reduces the stigma that can be attached to accessing support.

I was drawn to be a psychologist because it fits with my core values of compassion and empathy. I have always been an outcomes focused person and I apply this to my work with clients to ensure that they address the goals that are a priority to them, to make advancements in areas they desire and to work in a respectful and ethical manner.

I enjoy working across multiple areas of psychology supporting people across the lifespan (children, adolescents and adults). I prioritise making people feeling comfortable and supported without judgement. I enjoy working in various areas of mental health from perinatal and postnatal care, everyday presentations that impact people such as low mood, anxiety, stress, anger and sleep difficulties, to couples counselling and drug and alcohol difficulties.

I started my career in the England prior to moving and calling Australia home. I completed my Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Post-graduate certificate in the United Kingdom and am currently in the process of completing a Master of Science (Clinical Psychology) in Australia.

Aside from my work I can often be found spending time with my family, friends and adorable dog Rufus (he is a west highland terrier). I feel extremely lucky to have such an incredible and loving family, humorous and supportive friends and a job that I absolutely adore.

If you feel that I can be of assistance to you or your family, please contact me at the practice on 6381 0071.